Friday, February 10, 2012


It seems like as soon as Wednesday comes I blink and it is already Friday. Gotta love that! There are a few things I have been meaning to post so I will just do a little housekeeping real quick...

Scarlett worked very hard to get her little Valentines sent out earlier this week to some of our family members. Here she is working away...

Ok, what is it about these chips? They are SO good. If you haven't tried them, add them to your grocery list this week. I promise you will not be let down.

I know it is almost 2 months away still, but party planning mode for SJ's second birthday is in full swing! It is just so fun. More details later, but I have been hunting for a cupcake stand/tower and found this one earlier this week at Homegoods. That store has it all!

Earlier this week SJ and I enjoyed a much needed visit with a precious lady in my life. Mrs. Martha McKinley came into my life in 2004 through my dear friend, and roommate at the time, Beth. Little did I know at that time that this special lady would always have a place in my heart. She has prayed for me and truly been like a 2nd mother. I love her so much so seeing this picture of her and Scarlett together just warms my heart...
 We enjoyed playing, eating lunch and talking. Thanks for a wonderful visit Mrs. McKinley. You are SO loved by our whole family!

And finally, this is important... Pictured here: Boo and Scarlett.
Just wanted to be sure and record that my Dad's name is officially Boo, not Moo. Whew. Glad that is all cleared up. And I just have to say, we could not have made her say that... how cute that her Grandpa is her Boo. It's so sweet and endearing. Thank you Scarlett :)

Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend! 
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