Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I don't want to forget.

Scarlett is such a little character. I am sure all parents think their children are. There are at least 10-15 things a day she does that I don't want to forget, ever! 

Right now she says all the time, "Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy!!" over and over again. It is so sweet. She also has been putting lots of words together. Every morning she says, "Daddy, school." She also says, "Nonni, bye-bye... Moo, bye-bye." It is so cute and smart that she knows they went bye-bye. Moo is what she has decided to call my Dad. He was going to be Peepaw, but I love Moo! Too funny. 

She loves to stay busy all day. She is all about helping with the dishes and sweeping and wiping the floor. 

Our refrigerator practically has a revolving door. My life changed the day that this girl learned to open the refrigerator door by herself! She says, "num, num" and just helps herself. 

She rarely sits down except to rock her babies. She bounces her babies and feeds them and pushes them around in her pram and strips all of their little clothes off. She loves to pack up her purses (she has 3 that are loaded and ready to go at all times!) and put her babies in the stroller and wave, "Bye...bye..." I ask her where she is going and she says, "school." She walks out of the room and then 4 seconds later she strolls back in and shouts "Back! Hi!!!" 

I know I am already forgetting a ton of little things... I think I need to start making a list :)
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