Friday, February 24, 2012

Preparing for our house guest.

It is a very windy day here on the Owen range... Scarlett and I nearly blew away when we made a quick trip to Target this morning. She kept saying, "hat, hat, hat" so that I would put her hood over her head because the wind was blowing her hair everywhere. 

We are preparing for a little weekend house guest -- Aunt WyWy. I always tell Mitch that we need to say RyRy when we are talking to Scarlett so that she can learn how to pronounce her "R's" correctly, but it is hard to resist and sounds so cute. 
So, I was cleaning up the guest room upstairs, you know, changing the sheets and fluffing the pillows. I had it just right and the Moses basket on the bed because I think it just looks sweet. I was picking up and turned around to find, someone really like the "baby bed." 

She even had a little "milk break" while testing out the baby bed. 

Well Aunt WyWy, looks like you might have a little bed bug during your stay ;)

Now, I am REALLY trying to resist the urge I have to run to the fabric store this afternoon and buy lots and lots of darling fabric for Sissy and I's sewing extravaganza. Resist, resist!

Happy weekend everyone! 
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  1. Have fun!!!! And SJ looks SO cute!!

  2. Best sissy weekend ever!!! I miss you all already & loved our time together & the cozy bed & little sweetie-pie from these pictures :)