Sunday, January 15, 2012

Better late than never (Christmas at Tara)

I am super late on this post, but I just cannot leave this out! Before we left for Christmas out west with Mitch's extended family, we had a celebration together with my family at my favorite place in the whole wide world -- Tara. That is what I call my parents' home because I, like Scarlett O'hara in Gone with the Wind, find rest and rejuvenation there. You might think I am crazy, I don't care! 

My mom sets a beautiful table... Here are the kids from left to right: Scarlett, Mitch, Chaz, Ryan and me.

Scarlett and Daddy were preparing for the reading of the Christmas story from the book of Luke. 

Scarlett, all on her own, found Rudolph's nose during breakfast! 

It was the first year for this new tradition, matching pajama's for the girls... SJ included!!!

SJ and Aunt Ryan checking out her rocking chair from Nonni and Pepaw... (Might I add that it has already gotten a lot of use!! There are lots of babes to be rocked at our house.)

The big reveal... A KITCHEN!

On the move and hammin' it up!!

Pepaw and his girl...

Chaz and his girl, Karrine ;)

What a blessing to have a husband that my brother and sister love as if he was their own brother! LOVE!!!

Ryan and my Daddy... simply the best. 

My momma and her little boy -- Chaz. 

SJ and Mitch during a very brief snow flurry...

 These are precious memores from Christmas 2011!!! What a blessed year. Let the King of Glory come in.... to stay. 
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