Sunday, January 8, 2012

my current project and couch therapy

I am so excited about my current project -- a needlepoint belt for Mitch. This was my Christmas present to him. I got to design it especially for him at this really neat local shop The Eye of the Needle. I think it is fun to have something to piddle at when I have the opportunity :) 

Mitch and I worked the nursery this morning at church. We had 19 babies under 2 years old. AHHH!!! It was total pandemonium. But we were thankful that 19 mommies/daddies could go and listen to a sermon without interruption and hopefully have a more intimate relationship with Jesus because we were wrangling their sweet babies for an hour. 

So, after a somewhat hectic morning, Scarlett and I needed a little couch therapy....

Can I just say that when I saw this picture above I told Mitch that I wish my hair was that big in real life. He said, "I know honey." Who doesn't love big hair??? Surely I am not the only one. 

 We have been working on Scarlett's vocabulary and she is doing so well. She tries to repeat what we say and most of the time does a really good job. I love how expressive she is. 

My parents got SJ this really neat DVD for Christmas and it is currently on repeat at our house. I actually really enjoy it too. I would highly recommend Signing Time if you are looking for something new to do with your little one. It is educational, fun and they get get to move around and get their wiggles out too. The Zoo Train is our personal favorite. 

Okay, this is for my Grandmoo if you are reading... She sent this little costume for Scarlett. My parents came up for a quick visit and delivered it to her. It is a Lalaloopsy outfit (I am not totally familiar with this brand, I just know their dolls are popular). Anyhow, it was sitting on my desk in the living room and Scarlett got fixated on it tonight so I put it on her... 

Thanks Grandmoo, this really tickles our little "fancy dancer's" fancy! 

I am not a big TV watcher... but Mitch had the TV on a little bit ago and an infomercial for Hot Booties came on. They sound divine. I need a pair!!! 

I hope you are wrapping up a nice weekend and have a great week ahead :)
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