Friday, January 6, 2012

a romantic lunch, my new kitchen gadget and confessions

Happy Friday y'all!!! Whew. It has been a funny week here on the range. We were trying to get back into our routine... I think we are just about there.
Scarlett and I had a delicious and fun lunch date today with Kristin, Kingston and two of the most darlings sisters I know, Mallory and Morgan at the Chick-Fil-A :)

Here are the 2 little sweeties that I love so much!!! 
Kingston looks thrilled, doesn't he? Ha! 

Scarlett was SOOOO excited to see him. She kept saying over and over "Kin-ton?, Kin-ton?" before they arrived. Well, let me just tell you that this lunch turned romantic faster than any of us could have guessed. These two sweeties kissed, in public, right on the lips!!! Kristin has a video of it which I will be sure to post as soon as I get it. It is priceless. 

Okay, so you know how as you get older you don't get surprises for Christmas anymore? It has been that way for this girl for a while. Let's just say I know what I like and I let Mitch/my momma know :) Well this year it was quite the contrary. My mom and dad surprised me big-time this year with something I did not even tell them I wanted...

A VITAMIX!!!! YEAH!!! I have admired my mom's and sister's for several years now. I can't believe I have one of my own! 

 I know it may seem silly, but I feel like this new 'gadget' just brought my kitchen to a whole new level... You can make incredible smoothies, salad dressings, soups and, get this, there is a separate container and with a "dry" blade so you can grind your own wheat to make homemade bread. Grind my own wheat?!?! Watch our Laura Ingalls Wilder, Erin Owen has a vitamix!!! 
I will be sure to keep y'all posted on all of my adventures in the kitchen with this new-fangled thing :)

Okay, I haven't done this in a while and I find it slightly medicinal for myself, so I have some Friday confessions: 
--- I used the word quasi twice today in two separate conversations and I am not even sure what it means. I told Mitch this and he just looked at me... maybe he was thinking, "uh oh, she left the house."
--- Water just tastes better when you drink it out of a tervis tumbler. Amen?
--- I love to be super dramatic sometimes when I talk to Mitch and tell him about things I saw or realized while he was at school that day. To my close friends, I know you are like "Oh, we just cannot even imagine..." Well sorry, it's fun!!!
--- I am in the process of cleaning out Scarlett's closet (for the 40th time since her birth!) and I could just sob the whole time. How can she be so grown up?!?
--- I drank a tea today at lunch and I feel like I could seriously shoot through the roof of our house right now. I am a little sensitive to caffeine, especially since I rarely have any. 

And finally, I will leave you with this sweet face. I was unpacking the vitamix box on the living room floor while SJ napped today and Callie was at my side the entire time. Actually, I think she wished I would have just put her in my lap like old times. Bless her heart. You know they say no one loves you like your dog does... 

Have a fabulous weekend!!
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  1. You...Dramatic?? NEVER! Love you

  2. I knew I would get a comment about being dramatic from YOU!!!!! Love you!