Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Friday -- our day in phone pics.

Scarlett and I have already had a full day and it is not even 2:00 in the afternoon yet! Whew. 

This morning we went and saw Dr. Wilkes (who we love!) for a little ear check. He just wanted to be sure her ears healed up well after our double whammy last week, and they did! Thank you Lord. I kept telling Scarlett we were going to see Dr. Wilkes and he was going to look in her ears. It was so cute because every time I would start to talk about it again she would point to her ears and smile. My little smarty! I just wanted to be sure she was prepared because it can be a little scary sometimes. She was a champ! 
How sweet are these little embellished overalls? I have been so excited for SJ to wear them. 

Then we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick out something special for some sweet friends who have an important date coming up next week. We found just the right thing and more! How fun is that store? Too much fun for a girl who is trying to stay on budget at the end of a long month :) 
 Okay, now I have to confess. This little puppy dog Scarlett is loving on while she rode along so nicely in the cart.... he did not come home with us. He was very loved while we were shopping, but I quickly snuck him back onto the shelf while SJ was distracted. AH! Am I the meanest mommy ever? I just don't like clutter and I don't like spending money on things we don't need. So sorry little scotty dog, I hope you will find a home very soon! 

And then it was lunch time! 
Kristin and Kingston met us at none other than Chick-fil-A...
Oh how we love our little cuties. They were so good while Kristin and I chatted it up for an hour or so!! It's so funny because we both realized it was the first time we had been out all week :) 

And now I have to get my tail in a spin and get this house of mine back in working order. I don't think the elves are coming to pick up these toys and everything else that has somehow ended up on the floor :) 

Thanks for reading :) I hope you have fun plans for the weekend! xoxo.
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