Thursday, January 5, 2012

a little myna bird and special greetings

It has turned quite cold here on us! We were still swinging on our front porch during the first week in December, but now there is just no way. 

Great news, Mitch passed his board exam that he took in the middle of December!! Way to go babe!!!! 

Well, we have a little myna bird on our hands... If you are curious what that is like I was, read here. My mom gave SJ this title because she is currently repeating EVERYthing we say, even if to us it sounds nothing like what we have just said :) Right now she loves to say: Callie, bye-bye, purse, baby, see you later and other little ditties that we have yet to interpret. 

I know one thing for sure though.... this girl is a lover!!! I think she would like to grab ahold of any baby she sees and lay a big kiss on it just as she is doing here:

I often wish I could be as free with my facial expressions as Scarlett is. Ha! 

Onto the special greetings. Christmas/New Year's cards were just not in Mitch and I's budget this year. But, my parents have ordered this lovely New Year's card and so I thought I would share it with y'all -- from my family to yours... 

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.
(side note: my momma said that if I posted this on my blog that people would already see it before they received it, but I highly doubt that will happen. So, if you also receive one in your mailbox from my sweet parents then consider yourself doubly loved!!)

I really do hope 2012 proves to be a wonderful year for you. I read this little quote the other day I loved it, so I wanted to share it with you:

The Lord your God carried you,
as a man carries his son,
in all the way that you went
 until you came to this place.

Isn't that so true? I know it is. At times He carries us without us even knowing. I think a lot about how much He protects Scarlett, Mitch and I. His provision is so evident in all our lives.

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