Friday, January 13, 2012

A whole new meaning...

Whew. This morning has already gone totally like I did NOT expect. It started at 3:30 a.m. when Scarlett joined us in our bed because she was running a fever. Her symptoms: congestion, a little cough and nose running like a virtual faucet. Unfortunately I know just the culprit of her nasty bug... the church nursery. I hate to admit it, but it is like clockwork people. So, while getting her situated and medicated, I mentioned to Mitch that it seemed really chilly in our room. He checked the thermostat in the hallway and it was reading 65 degrees inside our house although we had it set to stay at 72. AH! Thankfully we have a really great space heater (thank you momma!!!), so we set that on high in our room and we all rested comfortably. Four hours later when we woke up the hallway thermostat read at 59 degrees. Our heat was out, obviously. I called the heat/air company and they put us on their list. Mitch showered and left for school because he had a patient this morning. Scarlett and I set-up camp in our bedroom and waited for a call from the heat/air company. Thankfully they got the part we needed and fixed our furnace in just 30 minutes! Thank you Lord. So, we are back in business... warmth is oh so sweet. Waking up to 59 degrees really puts a whole new meaning to the word cold. So glad that morning is behind us!!! Now, onto the weekend but first a little update from our week here on the range... 

Wednesday we enjoyed a play date with two of SJ's little friends... Kingston and Kyleigh.

Here are the little "vultures" gathered round... Did somebody say puffs???

The slide is always a BIG hit :)

How sweet are these two girls? Kyleigh was passing out her "goodbye" hugs.
 Thanks to Kristin for hosting us!!!! Sorry about the cookies :( That's another story for another day, but let's just say if anybody saw a platter of smashed chocolate chip cookies on Nicholasville Rd this week... well, they were mine!

Little missy covered a lot of ground in her kitchen this week. 
 She is really enjoying the sliceable, wooden Melissa & Doug food...
 Oh, and did I mention Scarlett is now receiving phone calls? Well, only from her Daddy last time I checked :)

Thursday. Well, the forecast was looking pretty cold and we could hardly stand Callie being in the living room for more than 15 minutes (bless her heart!), so it was bath time and some teeth cleaning for this ole' girl! Callie was a little embarrassed with the current state of her hygiene, so Scarlett stepped in for this shot :)

Fluffy and fresh, little Miss Callie settled in for a warm nap on one of my favorite beach towels. SJ made sure the heater was turned on for her favorite canine. 

 Something came up about Scarlett's belly button I think...

And now, it's Friday. Thank you LORD!! A three day weekend for this bunch is very eagerly anticipated. Hoping for a great weekend for your's too :)

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