Monday, January 23, 2012

Whooo loves you?

When I wrote my last post almost a week ago I thought we were over the sickness hump. Apparently I thought wrong. I have since been battling a sinus infection which has made my "leisure time" (when I usually blog a little) slim. Anyhow, I am on the mend. Miss Scarlett is back to herself and that is really all that matters! 

Here she is sporting Nonni's most recent masterpiece.... 
 An appliqued owl and personalization! Perfect timing for Valentine's Day. Way to go momma! 
 Whooo loves Scarlett? LOTS and LOTS  of people. You are one PRECIOUS girl!!!

So, I am way behind on Scarlett's 21 month post. And now 22 months is quickly approaching. It seems like just in the last month she has changed SO much. Here is some info on my sweet girl:
- Wearing size 2T and some 3T clothes. Size 5 diaper and size 8 shoe. 
- Talking, talking and talking. The communication barrier is almost completely gone! I think we may have a word count higher than 30 now!
- Eating. What is new? You love to eat! What is really funny is your current favorite foods: straight up butter, clementines (at least 3 a day), pistachios and Nonni's special fruit kabobs. 
- You are and have always been very sweet natured. That is something we don't think you are going to grow out of. 
- You love your baby dolls. You carry a purse full of baby bottles and clothes and all sorts of things at all times so you can take care of your little ones :) 
- You love to be outside. The cold weather puts quite a damper on this though. 
- You love to give hugs and a lot of times when I say someone's name or say something in the car like, "look at the horsies!" you kiss the air and make a big "mwah!" sound. It is so funny and sweet. 
- Nonni always says God blessed me with a little girl who doesn't mind trying on clothes. It's true! You are so good about letting me dress you up and you even look through your closet with me. 
- You can almost put your shoes on all by yourself. 
- You are very helpful around the house and do such a good job picking up your toys. 
- You are just a JOY!!!! 

Meet Bitty... She was a Christmas present from my Aunt Barbie, Uncle Bill and cousins Elizabeth and Lyndsey. Bitty is very loved in our house! Here she is dressed up in a new outfit :) There is even a matching top for Scarlett (thanks momma!)
This face is cracking me up... it's like she is saying, "Sup? Just me and Bitty here chillin out" 

 One of your newest antics is opening the refrigerator. Oh the convenience. It makes me think "yikes!" because you are always trying to see what new thing you can find. Tonight it was broccoli. You had it in  your hands and kept saying, "Nummy...nummy." And I asked you if you liked it and you said just as plain as day, "yea." You are a nut! (And every time I tell you that you say, "nut, nut, nut.")

You keep us laughing Scarlett Jean! 
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